Payment Options

Lighthouse Financial makes it easy to pay back your car title loan. With many different payment options, Lighthouse has made the payment process more convenient for everyone. You can pay back your car title loan using any method below.

Pay by Mail

Mail payment to:

Lighthouse Financial Group
P.O. Box 18512
Tampa, Fl 33679

Pay Near Me

Get Cash For Title Loan - Pay back with Pay Near Me

Use this free service to pay with cash at your local 7-11*

Call 877-459-5449 for payment token to be issued.

*Service not available in New Mexico

Western Union

Get Cash For Title Loan - Pay Back With Western Union

Have your Lighthouse account number available and use the Blue Quick Collect form:

Code City: Lighthouse
Code State: Florida
Pay to: Lighthouse Financial Group

Bank Wire Transfer

Call 877-459-5449 for Wire Transfer Instructions